Teens Sing For Santa Barbara News

Teens Sing for SB on KEYT TV Channel 3, May 27 @ 8 PM

The filming of Teens Sing for SB from Friday, March 9 will be airing on KEYT TV Channel 3 this Sunday, May 27 at 8 PM. If you missed the show or want to experience the magic of our community's teens again tune in! Special thanks to Jeff Miller for his hard work on this broadcast.

Check out our promotional video for the broadcast:


March 5, 2018   Interview with the Producers on K-LITE 101.7

Catherine Remak interviewed Kenny Loggins, Jackson Gillies, Kiara Lin, Tali Ratcliffe and Emerson Steady today on "The Morning Show" on K-LITE 101.7. They had a blast talking about the show and gave some exciting updates, such as the release of merchandise (now available by clicking here).

March 2, 2018   Behind-the-Scenes Video

Watch this behind-the-scenes video of the cast at Santa Barbara Sound Design recording rehearsal tracks for the show.

March 1, 2018   Merchandise is Here!

Merchandise has arrived! Click here or click the merchandise link in the navigation bar to buy t-shirts, hats and buttons and show your support for the community.

Feb. 26, 2018    Live Hour Interview with the Producers on KZSB am 1290

Thank you Maria Long for inviting Kenny Loggins, Jackson Gillies, Kiara Lin and Tali Ratcliffe (teen producers of Teens Sing for Santa Barbara) for an hour long interview on KZSB am 1290 "Doctor Without Walls" at NOON tomorrow TUESDAY, February 27th.

Kenny Loggins and Jackson Gillies will be playing guitar and singing with the fellow producers and talking about the upcoming concert at the Marjorie Luke on the March 9th! 


Feb. 21, 2018    KEYT Channel 3 & KKFX Channel 11 Air Promo

KEYT Channel 3 and KKFX Channel 11 have started airing our promotional video for Teens Sing For Santa Barbara! Watch the video below:

Feb. 18, 2018    Kenny Loggins Promotes the Show

Musical legend and co-producer of the show, Kenny Loggins, recently promoted the show on his website: